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Welcome to B4USurf!

BSA | The Software Alliance, the foremost organization dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world, together with its partners are pleased to welcome you to this educational website.

The Internet has transformed the way we work, play, learn, socialize and communicate, but while it is a wonderful medium, it also harbours unsavoury elements who use it to disseminate inappropriate or illegal material, and lure unsuspecting people into unlawful behaviour. Particularly at risk are the youths of today.

With the B4USurf website, the BSA and its partners aim to provide educators and parents with information and educational resources to help youths understand the dangers that exist online and to surf safely and responsibly. Tips are also available for youths. Our goal is to help teach youths about cyber-ethics and cyber-safety, even as they immerse themselves in the cyberworld. We hope that you will find this educational resource helpful, and that you will make use of the materials on the site and contribute to it.